Month: May 2011

Go Home and Be Well

I would like to share my testimony. I was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, but I never accepted the package that the enemy sent to my address. I rejected it and demanded that they return this sickness to the sender. While visiting Zimbabwe in March, I was really encouraged after speaking with a brother who had a ministry to pray for the sick. Though I have continuously battled this attack of the enemy, I listened intently to the testimonies from my precious brother and I asked that he pray for me before I left Zimbabwe. We walked into the the corner of the hotel lobby and he rebuked the demon of diabetes that was attacking me. I accepted my healing and returned home with a renewed faith. I happened to be listening to the message Thy Loving Kindness and I was struck by the quote below. I came to understand that accepting your healing is just like accepting your salvation. Salvation is not based on how you feel, but it is based on you knowing that you accepted God’s pardoning of your sins through the work of Jesus Christ at Calvary. If you can accept your salvation at the cross, then you can also accept your healing. If you suffer from any disease, you too ‘can go home and be well, if you believe it.’ Repeat the bold area below as the saints did the night this message was preached. After confessing it, go home and be well.

Pastor Jack E. Duff

What you pointing at yourself for, sir? You sick too, setting there, man pointed to your chest? Have you a prayer card? You don’t. You and I are strangers to one another. I suppose this is our first time meeting. God knows us both. If He will reveal to me what your trouble is, will you believe me to be His servant? You will? You’re suffering with sugar diabetes. That’s right. You’re not from this city; you’re from Atlanta, Georgia. Your name’s Mr. Adams. That’s true. All right, go home and be well, if you believe it.
Do you believe God? Do you believe His Presence is here? Then you people that wants God in your life, come up here at the altar. I want to ask you something just a minute before you do it. Let’s pray; bow your heads. Now’s the time to be healed, no matter what’s wrong with you. I want you to pray this prayer after me; you say the same thing I do.
Almighty God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, Giver of every good gift, send mercy to me, through Thy Son Jesus. I now believe through the preaching of the Word, through the working of the Spirit, I believe that Christ is present. I now accept Him as my Healer. I’ll serve You, Lord, as long as I live. And I promise You, from this night henceforth, I accept my healing, and I call those things that are, as though they are not, because I believe Your Word. Help me, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Rev. William Branham


ROMANS 9:32-33
32    Wherefore? Because they sought it not by faith, but as it were by the works of the law. For they stumbled at that stumblingstone;
33    As it is written, Behold, I lay in Sion a stumblingstone and rock of offence: and whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

After reading this scripture the Lord placed a message in my heart. Though I could not take this post to convey all that is in my heart, I wanted to briefly present a few points of interest. Jesus Christ is the stumblingstone that caused Israel to stumble at His first coming. I think most Christians would agree with that statement, and in looking at it we often question how anyone could miss Christ as the Messiah. He fulfilled all that was prophesied of Him in regards to His first coming.

What I find amazing is that God always provides a simple message for people to follow or to at least to help them get in tune with a future event. For instance, in the days of Jesus, he provided John the Baptist as a forerunner, who cried out for everyone to repent because the kingdom of heaven was at hand. In the day of Noah God provided the message of, ‘it’s going to rain’. Noah preached it and the people stumbled at the thought of rain. The people in Noah’s day fulfilled the same thing the nation of Israel did in Jesus’ days on earth. They both stumbled at the stumblinstones in their days.

Oh, how easy it is for us to look back into time and see the mistakes that were made by the people in Noah’s day and in Jesus’ days on the Earth. However, Jesus promised that as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man, which refers to His second coming. We must carefully consider that the mentality of these prior times will also exist today. Just as God did in prior times, He did today by sending a prophet with a message. John the Baptist had a message. Noah also had a message and today we have a messenger with a message to aide us in preparing for the rapture. My prayer is that we will not stumble at the stumblingstones for our day. Remember, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Pastor Jack E. Duff