You know what ill temper does?

E-4    You know, I–I was telling the boys awhile ago coming over, I said about how we must be happy all the time. God don’t want you to be sad. You know what ill temper does? And that old temper, that’s one of the awfullest old things. And it–it’s about sixty percent of the cause of all sickness is temper. Yes, sir, them tam–tantrums you fly loose, remember, you just developing a cancer, ulcer, or something like, when you do it. When you get all stewed up about somebody, “I won’t go back there any more. Wait till I give them a piece of my mind.” All right. Remember, you’re the one’s going to pay for it. Just keep happy.
~William Branham
Pastor Jack

3 thoughts on “You know what ill temper does?

  1. I know that we are all human and we each make mistakes but sometimes we have to be careful in how we act. Let us live like a little child where you see joy in that child. We don’t want to get angry about everything that upset us. Just relax and breathe and trust God is with you through all the trail you go through and he knows your pain. Just laugh at the matter because that’s all you can do. Even in the saddest matter I smile.

  2. I hope the Lord watches over you this day. There is someone who
    needs to hear your words of spice for these bland times. God bless you

  3. God bless you brothers and sisters. I just want to comment on God’s grace to me. Going through tough times, suffering little persecution, hard test & trials. I just try to have the right mind set to praise God through it all. I will always be mindful of of Him, no matter what happens to me. I love God and He told Paul, my grace is sufficient for thee. For my strength is made perfect in weakness 2 corinthians 12:9. God’s power is revealed in our weakness. His character is developed in us through hard times, sickness, suffering, and persecution. During those times, these things push us to our place in GOD and where he want us to be or do for him. Sometimes, those who suffer the most are raised the most. Here is some bible examples. Job after his suffering was over, was raised higher than he was before he had ever suffered. Look at Joseph, threw in a hole and served prison time. After all that, he rose in God to be the next under Pharaoh. What a blessing that was. King David, what persecution he went through. It was his schooling to gain character to be king. Before the test, he was a shepherd boy with some sheep. But after the trials and tests, he became a king. There’s more like Moses, Peter, and many many more like bro- bro- bro- bro- sister- sister- sister- sister-. The blanks is your names.Get it. Remember Jesus left a portion of suffering for his bride. Don’t murmur or complain. Go through with it, with the assurance that you are going to make it. Don’t look at you now, look at yourself after. When all the suffering, tests, trials, hard times will all be over. Remember this is my story. Bro. Leeroy is something like Joseph. Don’t look at me now, but look at the end of my story, my test. Pray for me, I am still in testing. I got another knee operation on August 16, 2011. I can’t say nothing else about it, I got to keep quiet. Joseph didn’t tell anybody how and why he was in prison. I am sure that a prison mate asked him, but he kept his mouth closed, just like me.

    God bless you Bro. Leeroy

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