But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

- John 4 v 23 -
Zechariah 4 v 10

For who hath despised the day of small things…

How Spirit and Truth Began

The Lord called us to the ministry in 2002, and it is here in our home that Spirit and Truth Tabernacle was birthed. We began with only my wife, my 3 daughters and me. We held Sunday morning services in this living room and Wednesday night Bible studies at the dinner table. God saw our faithfulness in service, when no one else did. I often share how we would get fully dressed for service in our home and treat it as if we were going to a physical place of worship. During this time, we were certainly walking by faith as we simply moved out on the leading of the Spirit.

Eventually, we purchased folding chairs to put in the living room and shifted our furniture around to arrange a true sanctuary feel for the Sunday morning services. One day I received a great surprise from my wife that was such an encouragement to me.  She had found a pulpit listed on eBay that was located in an area not very far from us. Being in that area at the time, I raced to find the pulpit; I purchased it and carried it home with me that very day.  I was thankful to the Lord that my wife had indeed had the confidence in my leading that she would do such for me. I still have the same pulpit in our church today. In our 1 year of home services, we received 4 visitors. I will be ever grateful for these believers attending at least 1 of the services in our little home.

It was Moses who was living peacefully, marrying the sheik of Midian’s daughter, Zipporah. And while he was out there herding the sheep, one day on the backside of the desert with a familiar old path he was walking down, herding the sheep, at peace. Israel was in bondage under slavery. He was thinking on his ways. “This is not my job as a sheepherder. God called me to be a preacher.”

How do I know that I’m not preaching to a Moses tonight that’s out yonder in a steel factory, or down here at the pulp factory, or out yonder driving a truck somewhere, that God hasn’t commissioned you to save souls. Instead of doing it, you’ve got you a job to make your daily bread, living at ease, and thousands of souls going into destruction.

William Marrion Branham

The Ministry Continues

After having held the services in our home for 1 year, we were blessed of the Lord to move the church into its first physical building, a storefront with a seating capacity of an estimated 65 people. Enjoying the blessings of the Lord, we remained at that location for 5 years. It was during those years that we witnessed God adding to our humble assembly as he yet continues to do. When I reflect on the various testimonies shared of how the saints were added, I often receive great strength to press forward. Our every step is ordered of the Lord, thus we must maintain our focus on Christ and Him alone.

Well, the journey continued and we moved to a larger location which more than doubled our previous seating capacity to approximately 200. The Lord saw fit to allow us to remain in that location for 13 years.  Acquire the Fire and many other memorable meetings were held in that location. We even rented a second space to use as a school, fellowship hall, and hosted Financial Peace. Again, the ministry grew and lives were touched in that place. We are very grateful for the expansion and sincerely believe that if God has brought us this far, then He will lead us onward.

Present-Day Spirit and Truth Tabernacle

In 2021 we faced an important junction in the ministry. We were notified by our landlord that our rent would almost double for the next 3 years if we decided to stay in that location. We felt it was the tender hand of Jehovah moving us towards ownership. For now we are currently meeting in the chorus room of a Jaega middle school and grateful for the open door that was given to us.

The Lord gave us that space for 13 years, but now the Lord has decided to move us onward. We sincerely pray that we will have our own building someday, yet we remain thankful for His blessings today. Remember, man is always thanking God for what He has done and what He will do, but most fail to thank Him for what He is doing now.

Thank you, Lord Jesus. And thanks to all who have read our testimony. We pray that you are encouraged, seeing that God still moves. Truly He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If we are faithful over a few things, God has promised to make us rulers over many.

God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack E. Duff