God does not argue

I was thinking of this quote we read last night after sharing with one of the saints today. I thought I would share it with you in the post.

 What was it? See, you know right then the election’s off. Just don’t fool with it at all. Jesus did the same thing. He said, “Let them alone. If the blind lead the blind, won’t they all fall in the ditch?” But when He come to a little prostitute, it struck fire. What was it? It was an elected seed laying there (See?) that seen it right now.
When It come to Peter, there was an elected seed laying there, see, and they saw it, “And all the Father has give… hath (past tense) given Me, they’ll come. They’ll come to Me.” Oh, my, I love that. Yes, sir. Notice, the believers does believe it. The unbelievers can’t believe it. So now, if anybody wants to argue about the serpent’s seed and things and you try to show them, they won’t listen to it, just walk away. Leave them alone. See, God don’t argue, neither does His children. See, see?

William Branham

What strikes me most is that God does not argue, and neither does his children. What a striking thought in regards to self control. After reflecting upon the quote, I was reminded also of this scripture. It just happens to be one of my favorites.

 Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out: so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceaseth.

Pastor Jack

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