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  1. I don’t have words in my vocabulary to express what todays message mean to me, I heard from the throne of God today, not only with my ears ,but with my heart, I MUST decrease soooo God can increase in my life. My heart is overjoyed with JOY, there is no word to express how I’m feeling right now. Whatever you are doing Jesus PLEASE don’t do it with out me. God Bless you Bro. Caleb

  2. Bro. Caleb,

    GOD BLESS YOU for that message today brother! I was truly blessed and see some areas where I need to decrease so HE can increase. You kept saying “This is one of those messages where you sit down and listen instead of jumping and shouting.” But, my God, I felt like jumping up and down! Lol, thank you Brother for yielding your gift to God. I pray that he continues to add increase to your ministry. Keep the Faith!

  3. God Bless YOU, Bro. Caleb:
    Today’s Message was truly Heaven sent…”I must DECREASE that He may INCREASE”. As Bro. DJ stated before, We can all do better than what we are doing now. Personally, I need God to increase in my life – not just for me to feel good about serving the Lord, but I need to set myself aside so He may work a work in my life. I need Him to restore the joy of my salvation, but first, I have to have an Augmented Experience and prepare myself for an increase – to rise to the next level – Amen 🙂

    Also I would like to add to your thought on Unity. I thought about this: In the word “Unity”, there’s the letter “U”, the letter “N”, and the letter “I”…That makes “You AND I”…Let’s cling together in perfect love and perfect unity in Christ Jesus our Lord and put away childish acts, thoughts, and ideas. That’s ANOTHER way to increase – Let’s have Brotherly Love…Let the brotherly love continue!

  4. Brother Caleb,
    That message was for me! I said “Amen” but, on the inside, there was “Ouch!” God spoke to me through that message and I realize that I need to humble myself, and decrease in my thoughts and ways so that God can INCREASE my spiritual life with Him. Thank you so much for stepping to the side and letting God speak. Deliverance can only come when “I” steps out of the way. May God bless you and give you an Increase! Amen!

  5. Bro. Caleb, that message still bellows in my spirit. How I appreciate how it is stirring me up way down on the inside. As the Spirit spoke it, proof of increase is not an emotional workup, but it is results. I appreciate the run, the shout, and the dance, but my soul longs for that sweet fellowship with my Lord. Surely as “I” die to myself, He can’t help but increase in me. Thank you, Lord, I claim that increase in my life right now. I have the victory in Jesus’ wonderful name!

  6. Bro.Caleb
    That message was naturally and spiritually for me. I realize that I need to to decrease in my life and let God increase in my life. I’ve come so far and I realize God had to decrease me couple of times before he could increase me. WE also have to increase in our prayer and decrease with all that is material in this world. As someone once said “We are all strangers in this world, we just past by for a little moment”. God bless you

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