I was re-listening to a message that was recently preached. The message was titled “When Two Worlds Collide”. We found that this happens with many of us. We confessed our faith as Christians, but secretly began to pull towards the things of this world. When this process begins, it is not long until the two worlds collide. Unfortunately, we live in a sinful world and are often drawn into the perils of life. It is often that we need a lifeline provided for rescue. No one desires to drift from the safety of the ship, and this is also applicable in our Christian walk. Yes, we all make mistakes, but no one desires to walk knowingly away from the safety and protection of our loving Savior. You know, we don’t have to continue down the path that we are going. God is ready to receive all of us who walk away from His holy presence. Is there hope you ask, the answer is yes and if that is all we have is hope, then that sometimes is good enough. If this post is talking to you, I want to throw a lifeline. Cling to these few words and allow God to draw you to Himself. Recovery starts when you grab the lifeline. Please enjoy the quote below.

Pastor Jack Duff

Well, you just lay your hands by faith upon Him, say, “Lord, I believe it,” up you come. That’s right. Confess your sins. See, “He that hides his sins will not prosper, covers his sins. But he that will confess his sins,” there’s where you get freedom and justification, when you’re willing to say “I’m sinned, I’m wrong.” That’s what you said here: “I have fallen; I am sinned. I’m dead wrong. Is there a chance for me to be whole again?
Absolutely. The minute that you desire it, that shows that God dropped the Lifeline down to pick you up. Just rise up on His Lifeline of faith and prayer; move right on up into the rest of the eagles like that; go flopping away. That’s right.

William Branham

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