Strengthen The Inner Man

Paul spoke the following in Ephesians 3:16:

That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;

We enjoyed a really good series on strengthening the Inner Man. While walking though this subject we used the chart on Body, Spirit, and Soul. This helped to clarify the inner man that lays in the realm of the soul. The inner man is controlled by doubt or faith. What a journey we had, but how we all desire the reality of what we learned. It was a really good series where we discovered the quote below and it brought much encouragement to the believers in our local assembly. I believe this quote will encourage anyone facing a trial in the form of sickness.

Talking, and a group of doctors, other day. He said–he said, “I read your book on Divine healing.”

I said, “I guess you criticized.”

Said, “No, sir. I admit that you’re right.”

I said, “Thank you, Dr. Schoen.”

He said–he said, “Brother Branham, we have record that when we tell a person that’s got a malignancy, or–or something is going to kill him, an ulcer ready to burst, or tubercular, it depends on what attitude they take. If they get all tore up,” said, “they die right away. But,” said, “if they take the attitude, ‘Well, dying is just part of living. It’s all right, when I die,'” said, “you know, it almost retards that case?”

I just thought, “If that mental attitude, taken like that, what will it do when the Holy Spirit strikes that inner man?” There it is. It’s… I asked him that.

He said, “Certainly, that’s right, if you can move into a spot, move up into that.” One of the best surgeons and doctors there is in southland, he said, “If it’s… Mr. Branham, it can be proved. If a man will move, can move up into that spot, until even his own mind don’t even know he’s got it, to think he’s got it, and don’t even pay any attention to it,” said, “it would do it, if he can believe that.” That’s true. See?

The mental attitude you take towards it will bring… Now, the mind won’t do it. But if you give that attitude towards something got Life in it, then that Life comes down and does it. Not your mental attitude; that only brings you in the Presence of Him. That’s what you do, your mind. The five senses is all right as long as they don’t deny God. But when they go to denying God, then you leave them alone. God controls them. That’s the Creator.

Wiliam Branham

I pray that God will strengthen your inner man as you endure the trial. May God give you grace to press towards the mark of the higher calling which is in Christ Jesus, your Lord.

Pastor Jack E. Duff


3 thoughts on “Strengthen The Inner Man

  1. God Bless I know I needed my inner man strengthened. I let stress bottle me up and sometimes it is hard to function with it on. All I do when that happens is pray, reead my bible, or read one of Bro. Branham’s messages as that is helpful to my soul. I know all things will work out for them that believe in Him, and I do. But sometimes the enemy gets into our mind and says your never going to have anything so why bother. You know days like those, I kneel down on my knees and just weep to the Lord in prayer and I start writing my poems which gives me strength. I want to be able to give God more because God is worth more to me.

  2. I praise my Heavenly Father for sending this message to me via my sister Cassandra Webb Lavender. I truly needed to hear this message for I have needed my inner man strengthed also. Praise God for the message Brother Branham left for us through Pastor Duff.

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