Ask For Big Things

Ephesians 3:20 – Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

I have been journeying through the book of Joshua and enjoying my trip. Caleb made the profound request of receiving a specific mountain. He asked for something difficult and knew that he was just as strong that day as the day he received the promise from the prophet Moses. We too have been encouraged by a prophet to ask God for big things. Take the limit off of God and allow Him to to do the exceeding, abundant, above all you can ask or think in your life.


And God will never… You can never exhaust God’s love and mercy to you. You say, “Well, I hate to bother You so much, Father.”

He wants to be bothered that way. He does. Don’t never think that you could ever ask too much of God. I believe the Scripture said, “You have not, because you ask not. And you ask not, because you believe not.”

He wants us to ask and believe that our joys would be full. He wants you to ask abundantly. Ask for big things; don’t limit your faith to some little mustard seed. Get on out here to some other kind of faith, and move out in big things. Ask… Big things is just as easy to receive as little things. You just have to believe; that’s all. And you got faith, just know exactly how to use it, and it’ll be all right. You can put it right to work and it’ll just be fine.

William Marrion Branham

Pastor Jack E. Duff

1 thought on “Ask For Big Things

  1. Oh yes, I have faith that my prayers will be answered and will ask for Big Thing. So many times we limit God in what He will bless us with. We fail in loosing sight of his promises for us. We let doubts settle in, instead of letting faith come in. When you start letting doubt in, that’s when depression and all the things you thought you got rid of starts coming back to you. You start to worship your problem and you let the pleasure of this world captivate your heart instead of praying to the Lord and believing He will answer only if you stand true to his promises for you and not be half-hearted when following Him. We read the old testament about men of God and how they waited upon what they requested. They did not bow to other Gods just because he didn’t answer them right away. They stood firm on his promises. So shall we. We shall ask for big thing and believe it will come to pass in His timing, not ours.

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