Delivered – House of Hell Give Way

We were blessed by a message Bro. Caleb Wesco preached entitled “This Current Giant”. He provided a quote that I felt was worth sharing. I realize there are saints who are bound by giants just as Israel was stuck when Goliath would make his boasts. Often times we do not choose to be bound. Life has a way of presenting circumstances that bring us into bondage and at times misunderstandings can lead to walls of division, which also lead to bondage. If you feel this is for you, then know that you can be delivered. You may feel you cannot get out of what you are in, but we speak to your condition, “house of hell give way, to the Name of Jesus Christ”. Be free my brother or my sister. The time of your deliverance is now.

I pray you will be encouraged by this quote from Bro. Branham that Bro. Caleb shared with us during his message on Friday night.

Now, this is only a dream. And I walked over this a-way and I seen a–a brother, Roy Borders, a very good friend of mine, lives in California. Looked like there’s something wrong, his eyes was half closed, and great big… maybe cancer or something over his eyes. And I… someone was trying to pull me away from him. I screamed, “Brother Borders! In the Name of the Lord Jesus, snap out of that!”

And he just barely could speak, saying, “Brother Branham, it’ll have to take something more than this. I just can’t grasp it, Brother Branham. I just can’t grasp it.”
I said, “O Brother Borders.” I love him.

And someone pulled me away, and I looked, and it was a lady standing over here. The… when I was a little boy, I–I used to haul groceries from the grocery store to the peoples. And her name was Mrs. Fenton, she lives in Jeffersonville yet, a personal friend to the wife and I.
And she said, “Brother Branham, deliver us from this.” Said, “This is a house of hell.” And said, “You’ve been misunderstood.” And said, “These… And you–you misunderstood these people, too.” Said, “These are fine people, but…” And I looked over there, and like a great big cellar, or–or big walls, down beneath a great big cave; and great iron bars, eight or ten inches thick. And people, out of their mind, twisted arms and legs, beating their head like that. And she was crying, saying, “Deliver the people, Brother Branham.” Said–said, “Help us, we’re in trouble.” She herself, I know her, she belongs to the… I believe the Church of Christ, or the Christian church, called Church of the Brethren. So she…

I looked around, and I said, “I wished I could.” And go on, looking around; and I… my little, bitty body and–and them great, big iron bars; and those poor people in there. And you couldn’t get to them, them iron bars was setting close together. And I looked, and they were beating their head like they were out of their mind.
And I seen some lights flickering around in there. And I looked up, and there stood the Lord Jesus with a–a–a lights of rainbow around Him. He was looking right straight to me, said, “Deliver those people.” And He went away.
And I thought, “Well, how could I deliver them? I–I haven’t got strength enough in my arms to break those bars.”
So I said, “House of hell, give away to the Name of Jesus Christ.”
And all the creaking and popping, and–and the rocks a-rolling, and–and bars a-falling; and people running, screaming, “Delivered!” and screaming at the top of their voice, and was all delivered.

Pastor Jack Duff

3 thoughts on “Delivered – House of Hell Give Way

  1. I really appreciate this message. Even though I wasn’t able to be in the actual service but something told me I had to find a way to listen to this message preached by our precious brother. Something that struck home”House of Hell Give way”. Everybody is in a deep need of deliverance. Were placed in a positioned were we have to speak to our situation for a breakthrough. As the centurion soldier ask Jesus only to speak that his servant be well. I recognized as Christians we need to speak with authority on the word of which God gave us trusting on him to fulfill it. As the word says the Prophet Elijah proclaimed it won’t rain till I say so. It didn’t rain for three and a half years based on his word which God followed through.We got to speak to our problems, look it right at its face and say” House of Hell Give way”.

  2. God bless. I felt that that message was from for me. Everyday the devil comes up with some kind of attack to throw at you. But if you don’t know how to pray and repent over the sin you commited then the devil got you where he wants you. See a lot of us pray to get delivered but don’t do anything to change and expect God to do it Himself. The bible says faith without works is dead. So if you don’t put in the work when you pray to God to deliver you from the things that have you bound, then your situation will never change. If you make a 360 degree turn from the problem in your life, you go right back to the same place you started.

    You see I’ve been facing something that was weighing me down. It was television. I believe to say television to me has become a demon to me in my life. Even though the pastor or guest ministers preach about it, you must desire to change from. You may have tried to change, but that is where devil get us by trying to get rid things in our life. It doesn’t work out like that. It took a lot of fasting, praying, and reading the Word. That helped to have no desire to watch television, whether it is innocent or not. It is not my desire to ever go back to the same system that I was in. So know that if you pray and study the Word of God, everything will be revealed to you from God. You will no longer want what you desired before. I feel free from that something that was between my relationship with God and I thank God for answering my prayer.

  3. I wish to testify as I by chance surf into this Message it speak directly into my family problems and torments from the enemy.I AGREED WITH THE MESSAGE THAT NAME OF JESUS CHRIST BROKEN FROM MY FAMILY THE HOUSE OF HELL.PRAISE THE LORD!

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