Stammering Lips

My heart is thrilled as I anxiously anticipate a move of the spirit of God in our church. We have focused our attention as of late on ‘What Is The Holy Ghost’. Our journey has led us through a number of scriptures which provide a basis for our expectations. One of those scriptures is found in Acts chapter 2 and verse 39. It states, “For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” That includes you, if you will mix your faith with the scripture. Another scripture is found in:

Isaiah 28:11
For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.

What a wonderful promise. Again, we are included if we only believe and apply our faith with what God has already spoken. The following quote was a perfect fit with this scripture.

Now, but now, let me just not get away from that now, because I don’t want to dishonor a great gift that God has given. See? And I believe that a Spirit-filled man, or woman, or a child, that lives under the altar of God, won’t live there long until they’ll be speaking with tongues. See? I believe that he will do it, or she.
Now, you can receive the Holy Ghost, and maybe you didn’t speak with tongues when you get It. See? But if you constantly lay there before God all the time, with baptism after baptism striking you, something’s going to take place. See? You’ll get so full someday till you can’t talk nothing else. See, you–you–you try to say something; you just can’t say it no more; and you just can’t say it. And many times if people realized that that was the Holy Spirit they’d go ahead and just open their heart up and let God speak to them.

William Branham

I am under a greater expectation to see the entire church consumed with the power of God just as it were on the day of Pentecost. Let’s pray and fast as God leads until we see the dynamics strike our mechanics.

Pastor Jack Duff

2 thoughts on “Stammering Lips

  1. I just got to comment on our series of messages, by our one and only Pastor, Bro. Jack Duff. I thank God for putting it on his heart. Sure it’s a little cutting sometimes. Here is a little story that I want to refer to. Our prophet Bro. Branham was training to fight, as he was a boxer. His trainer they called him 6 second Smith, because he will always have quick knock outs. He was rough to work with and Bro. Branham asked him why do you hit me so hard. He told Bro. Branham that hard hitting will help him some day. Well, it did for he never lost a fight. Pastor sometime might be hitting you and I very hard, with the two edge sword of God. The end is sharp and there is no way out for us. It is going to hurt, for even Bro. Branham got wounded in his fights, but he kept going into the ring. He didn’t give up. We might get wounded sometimes to, but we do not give up and quit going to church. Like boxing if you keep missing your training sessions, you are going to get knocked out. The training equips you and keeps you in shape and helps you gain the techniques you need to fight. If we miss church or teaching, we are going to get knocked out by the devil. The pastor’s teaching is really conditioning us for the fight. When our pastor is finished, we will have no doubt as to what is the Holy Ghost, what the Holy Ghost is given for, how do we act when we get it, and how do we know when we get it. Praise God for that information. No other time in history was all this made known to us. This is the only church age that this info is given so we have no room for excuses. Here is a question. What if Bro. Branham watched a video of one of his fights. The only difference is that while he watches the video he can’t feel the punches. When he is there live he can feel the punches. If you watch a service on the internet, you cannot feel the anointing and the atmosphere through the internet. What I am trying to say is staying home, is not the same as a live service, in person. I hope this helps someone get closer to God.

    God bless you,
    Bro. Leeroy

  2. God bless you. Has anyone else noticed the difference in our Pastor lately. Since he has been preaching on the Holy Ghost, he has been more anointed, bringing more revelation, and ministering with a lot more boldness. That’s exactly with the scriptures as found in Acts 4:13. It talks about the boldness they saw in Peter and John. The bible says that they knew that they had been with Jesus. Not by their miracles only, but there boldness to preach that Word. Remember God had already gave them power to heal and cast out devils, Notice his disciples, was not persecuted like Jesus was, until Jesus died then they were persecuted. After they received the Holy Ghost, then His life was in them. The devil goes after that life. Jesus spoke with great boldness in the synagogue. It is the same Holy Ghost. After the Holy Ghost came upon them, Peter pointed them to the scriptures. Our Pastor has that same boldness on him as well. Church I am listening very carefully to that Word and applying all that I can, to follow the Word, that has been preached in our local church. I know that I got It, but I always have plenty of room for more refillings. I can’t get enough of It. Here is a type when looking at natural stimulants, it measures the volume of alcohol. Some has 6%, some 25%, and some 100% alcohol in it. When most people drink alcohol, the more they drink the louder they get. The Holy Ghost has the same effects. The only difference is one is a natural wine and the other is the new spiritual wine. The effects of the Holy Ghost I want in each service is to get drunk on that new wine. I know in Acts 2:38 there volume was 100% percent or more. I personally think that it was like moon shine, over proof, maybe 200% proof. That’s what I want. It’s my promise and i am going to get that type of experience one of these days. Watch and see. The same effects, the same results, like in the book of Acts. We are a continuation of that.

    Bro. Leeroy

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