I’m not where I used to be

I was referring to this statement in the message today ” The Darkness Is Past”. Under inspiration, I couldn’t quote it just right, but thought I would share what I was referring to. This is a simple reflection and I encourage you to  look at where you were and look now to where you are. One thing for sure progress has been made for it is quite difficult for anyone to stand still.

Well, you can say I’m crazy if you want to. You can say I’m out of the will of the Lord if you want to. But just one thing: where I once was a sinner, I’ve been saved. Where I was once gloomy and glum, I’m happy in the Lord Jesus. I know there’s something happened to me.Like a colored sister said one time in a meeting. She said, “I want you all to know one thing.” Said, “I’m not what I want to be, and I’m not what I ought to be. But there’s one thing sure; I’m not what I used to be.”I tell you. That’s a good thing. You know when you’re passed from death unto Life, when God takes a hold of you and shakes you till your life changes; and changes everything there is in you, and makes you a new creature. Amen. That’s what we need, some lighted candles. Yes, sir.

William Branham

If your progress has moved you closer to Christ, keep going and don’t look back. If your progress has taken you further from Christ, please go back and pick Him up in the place you left Him. He’s waiting for you in the temple.

Pastor Jack Duff

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