Like Father, like son

Often times we hear this statement and it is used with a negative connotation. I have come to understand that I was gene in my Father before I was ever born. Notice the capital Father, as I am grateful for my natural birth, but my spiritual birth is beyond comparison. Our natural parents were predestinated to bring a supernatural gene to earth. I am convinced that I shall take on the image of my Father, for truly I desire to fulfill the old adage; “like Father, like son”.

59    And any son is the attributes of his father, and just as you were in the genes of your father, in the body of your father when he was a young boy. You were in him. Yet, he could not have fellowship with you, because he didn’t know you. But then, through the bedding grounds of a mother, you were brought forth into the earth and become in the image of your father, then he could fellowship with you.
60    And so were you, sons of God and daughters of God, before there even was a moon, stars, or a molecule. You were sons and daughters of God, for you are only the physical manifestation of the attributes that was in God at the beginning. For, there’s only one form of Eternal Life, and that was you, before. You don’t know nothing about it. Neither did you know when you was in your earthly father, but you are manifested, too, in his image. In the image of God you are made, and you were manifested for the glory and the fellowship of God.
61    And, therefore, as sure as your gene had to be in your father, before your natural birth, your spiritual gene had to be in God, because you’re an expression of the attributes of His thoughts, before the foundation of the world. Right. No way around it. That’s right. Now, now we notice, then, that Life being in you, God’s Life being in you, from the foundation of the world.

William Marrion Branham

Pastor Jack Duff

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