Two Inspirations

At the beginning of the message today, Bro. Caleb shared this quote with us.

Now, when a man is inspired and he reads the inspired Word, the two inspirations together gives a result. Now, you can never… No matter how well you study the Word, It’ll never do you no good till you’re inspired yourself. It takes your inspiration with… The Word’s already inspired.
So what we need today is an inspiration over us, God sweeping down with a new inspiration and breathing over us His power, and His love, and Himself, that it might inspire us to quicken us and waken us to His Word. And then the Word being brought into that spirit of inspiration, then you’ll see miracles happen, and things take place, because the two just comes together.
William Marrion Branham
We were challenged to join our inspiration along with that of the already inspired Word. We watched the results as the testimonies poured in after the sermon. Our labor is not in vain. I encourage you to stay inspired, regardless of your trial. If you find yourself having difficulty, then seek for the sweeping presence of God to bring the new inspiration and to breathe over you His power, His love, and Himself.
Pastor Jack Duff

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