God is bragging on you

Job1:8 And the Lord said unto Satan Hast thou considered MY SERVANT Job that there is NONE LIKE HIM in the earth a PERFECT and UPRIGHT man one who feareth God and eschewth evil?

Wow! Every time Satan comes with the big guns just look up and SMILE because you know then that GOD IS BRAGGING ON YOU.

Keep Going Saints

Bro. Caleb

1 thought on “God is bragging on you

  1. Reminds me of this:

    Now, remember. When… God has counted you worthy when you have a test. Now, don’t fail this, to get this. When you have a trial or a test, it shows the grace of God has found, you found favor with God, and God believes that you’ll stand the test.

    Quite a few years ago during Bible studies we used to have “Hast thou considered my servant so and so” was a frequent saying! We’d inject whoever’s name was having a rough time.

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